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So when it comes to family days out, naturally we want to bring them with us. Thankfully there are plenty of venues, like yours, who welcome our canine companions with open arms. But until now, bringing them along didn't really mean they were included in our experience. 


We're starting a dog friendly revolution, because we think canine family members deserve the best experience too. Sadly (as much as they'd like to), dogs can't snack on the same things as us, so we've designed a menu just for them. 


All our chews are fully digestible and have been carefully selected to be long-lasting, clean and low in odour. They are wrapped in recyclable packaging for no-fuss staff serving, and contribute to a more sustainable future by making use of 100% natural products that are wasted in their tonnes every year. 


We love to see wagging tails, so send us a photo on Instagram @TheCanineMenu or if you need our help just email us at


But most of all, enjoy the wagging tails.




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